Sweetville: The $ECRET deception

22 Dec

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.37.02


24″ x 18″

Ink on paper

Collection of HATİCE ERÇETİN



What’s it All About?

3 Sep

When I arrived in Riga, Lativa in June 2013, I was met by the founder’s son of Kristiana David School, Jacob.  I was immediately struck by his angelic features  on his tall frame.  We made arrangements to travel to the central part of the country, Madona.  Although we missed the train, a bus was easily boarded and we headed off.

The summer at Kristiana David school was filled with prayer, gardening, cleaning and growing as a person.  I didn’t know if I could be a role model for the children, some who have no parents.  There were days when I thought I made the wrong decision to spend the summer there.  Maybe I was too selfish to follow the structure of the day.  Wake up at 9:00am, working until lunch, rest, work until around 6:pm.  But, I wanted to help in any way I could, so I did my best.

The day I left was emotional.  By that time, I had became so close to the beautiful people there.  I loved the girls, Manta and Madera.  We would do things together when not working, like gathering mushrooms in the forest.  We laughed, danced and they tried really hard to speak in English to me.  It was hard to say goodbye.

In the end, I feel like this was one of the most successful adventures of my life.  Latvia is an amazing country and  the people I met will always be in my heart.



“At a Crossroad”: Madona, Latvia

3 Sep

Latvian watercolor

“At a Crossroad”
12″ x 20″
watercolor and ink

Collection of Kristiana David School

30 May

One beautiful morning, I saw some of my students outside soaking up the sun and doing what they do best.  Painting and enjoying the rare warm weather. Talent is omnipresent here amongst the Turks.  The students were so kind and shared a cup of tea and their breakfast with me.

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24 Feb

I remembered a little story my mother told me recently.  It seems that I have always had this adventurous spirit.  She said when I was about three or four years old, I decided to go to a convenience store by myself.  To get there, I had to cross a very busy street and once again on the way back.  The memory is cloudy, however, I do remember wanting to go buy some candy.  When my mother realized that I had done this, she marched me back to the store.  She asked the man if I had been there earlier.  Of course, he said I had.  Looking back, this marked the beginning of my daring globe-trotting adventures.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 8.05.14 PM

“Little One All Alone”

ink on paper



Collection of Amanda Threadgill

A Stranger in a Strange Land: “Taken Without Consent” (original artwork)

12 Nov

“Taken without Consent”
ink on poster board
24″ x 34″

“Nice to MEAT you” : My first week in Turkey

26 Oct

One week ago, I made the journey here to Erzurum, Turkey.  The jet lag has worn off and I am safely in my apartment.  This week happens to be a significant holiday for the religious Muslim people.

Yesterday was the sacrificing of the animals and today, the meat was delivered to people as gifts.  Not being much of a meat eater myself, the others here were happy to have it.  The butcher downstairs grounded the meat and we made meatballs.  My Japanese friend Erica made the rice.  I must say, the meat was the tastiest I have ever had!

LOVE, PEACE AND COMPASSION to all human beings!