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30 May

Collection of:  Carolyn Brown
REpeat:REcycle (2012), 24″ x 36″
Ink on poster board







Teacher field trip in South Korea:

15 May

During the Spring months at ELC in Ulsan, South Korea, our manager Moon and James Park planned fun activities for the teachers. The teachers played games and we won silly prizes. The Korean dishes were always very delicious!  We ate a spicy duck dish during this outing.  It was a great way to let off some energy while bonding with the other teachers.  A big plus was experiencing the beautiful countryside of South Korea.

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Reference from China:

9 May

Received this is my inbox this morning:


“Wendi worked for us during Oct 22nd 2011 to March 5th,2012.She is always very puctual and very polite.She was always present at school at least 20 minutes early. A principal from Hanlin primary school descriped her as very kind and elegant lady,she has a good taste of dressing ,also she onced studied arts in college.
I want to mention to prove that she is very good teacher.In order to make students more engaged in class activities, she always bought some stuff on her own expenses and gave to students who performed well in class.Also she designed her own rewarding card by handing to good students. Her teaching plan was always completed on time and her Powerpoint was very interesting to students.
She is very popular among students. We are asked by students that when they can see wendi again all the time. So I think she must did her job pretty well.
All in all ,I strongly recommend wendi to your company,as she is definitely good asset to your team. We would like to hire her again in the future by any possible chances.
Thank you for your time!

Yours sincerely
Nicole wang
Department of international programs
U-Learn Suzhou Company
Tel:69995216  Fax:69995208

“and butterflies are free to fly” ~Someone saved my life tonight>Elton John

4 May

This song says it all.  Although I’ve been through so much these past two years, my heart and soul are all the stronger for it.  I want to sincerely thank my family for sticking by me at the most difficult times.

Calling all Angels!  You know who you are.  The truth will be revealed.  In the meantime, I won’t give up.  I know LOVE is the answer!

Peace to all of humanity!