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“While Sleeping” (original artwork)

15 Sep

“While Sleeping”
22″ x 30″
ink on posterboard

I had the most fantastic dream last night.  My Guardians came to me with a message.  Surrounded in beautiful, divine light, a being of blue light revealed to me my purpose here in this dimension.  I AM A WITNESS!  And with that, I asked if “he” was my Father.  There was no, answer, but I received a gentle touch on my arm, as if to say.  that the blue being was “real”.

This reminds me of another dream I had my first night in Beijing:

I was reading some kind of letter/declaration.  For some reason, I was chosen to read this letter.  I was up high and speaking down to people, some i knew.  I began in a light-hearted, jokingly way.  Then someone brought to my attention, the paratroopers dressed in military uniforms in front of me.  I read the letter:

It was hard to read, language wise, or just difficult to see the words.  The gist of the letter was that “they” were here to help us.  They were paramilitary and peaceful.  The paramilitary troopers looked blue, white and very large.  I read the letter and someone pointed out that they were not joking.  Before I finished the letter, the crowd dispersed,  Even my friend Vinni was in it.  I wanted to find someone I knew in the crowd, and kiss them.  The kiss was not romantic.  I was thinking that I would be famous for reading this letter, in a historic way.


Reference from China:

9 May

Received this is my inbox this morning:


“Wendi worked for us during Oct 22nd 2011 to March 5th,2012.She is always very puctual and very polite.She was always present at school at least 20 minutes early. A principal from Hanlin primary school descriped her as very kind and elegant lady,she has a good taste of dressing ,also she onced studied arts in college.
I want to mention to prove that she is very good teacher.In order to make students more engaged in class activities, she always bought some stuff on her own expenses and gave to students who performed well in class.Also she designed her own rewarding card by handing to good students. Her teaching plan was always completed on time and her Powerpoint was very interesting to students.
She is very popular among students. We are asked by students that when they can see wendi again all the time. So I think she must did her job pretty well.
All in all ,I strongly recommend wendi to your company,as she is definitely good asset to your team. We would like to hire her again in the future by any possible chances.
Thank you for your time!

Yours sincerely
Nicole wang
Department of international programs
U-Learn Suzhou Company
Tel:69995216  Fax:69995208

Nice to meet you! (Chinese = hěn gāoxìng jiàndào nǐ)

22 Apr

Learning the language in China proved to be DIFFICULT.  The language is one of the hardest in the world to learn and speak.  Plus, most people I met were highly educated and spoke English, thank goodness!  My Mandarin consists of the basics.   “Hello”, “How are you?”,  “Good morning”, etc.  Just enough to be polite and friendly!

Here are some of the kind people I met along the way.

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The mystical “chipao” (Chinese dress)

16 Apr

Modern women in China mostly wear Western clothes.  So I was always on the lookout for the chipao.  They were usually found in storefront windows and not on the Chinese fashionista.  Young women were dressed very fashionable, while older women wore plaids and flower prints together.  I’m not knocking plaid or flower prints.  But, they are not meant to be worn together though.  Do you agree?


These are some of the beautiful dresses in the window.


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‘The Girl with a Red Coat” (original artwork)

29 Mar

This was drawn at the Shanghai airport while I was waiting for my flight home.  I was waiting for a taxi to take me to the train station when a Chinese girl walked up to me.  She was wearing a long, red down coat.  I had never seen her before, but she helped me  flag down a taxi.  When the taxi stopped, she said something to him in Mandarin and waved goodbye.

I was so thankful for her assistance and kindness.

Photos: “Made in China”

19 Mar

When I wasn’t teaching in China, I was exploring the country.  Beijing was by far the most dynamic city!  However, Suzhou was just as exciting! 

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2012: Spaceness (my artwork)

10 Mar

March of 2011 brought to me a new drawing style.  Out of the blue, I started drawing with Sharpie pens on poster board.  This drawing was done in January 2012 in honor of the Chinese openness to the unexplained.  One day I walked around the campus at Hanlin school and noticed lot’s of formal looking images describing space things.  And there between the rockets and planets was a large image of an UFO.  The Chinese are quite open to this reality.  The drawing was given to Mrs. Fang at Hanlin Primary school in March 2012.

Artwork presented to Hanlin Primary School~Suzhou, China