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Teacher field trip in South Korea:

15 May

During the Spring months at ELC in Ulsan, South Korea, our manager Moon and James Park planned fun activities for the teachers. The teachers played games and we won silly prizes. The Korean dishes were always very delicious!  We ate a spicy duck dish during this outing.  It was a great way to let off some energy while bonding with the other teachers.  A big plus was experiencing the beautiful countryside of South Korea.

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Safety always comes FIRST!

12 Apr

One beautiful day in Ulsan, South Korea, we loaded up the kindergarten students and went to the park complex.  There, we were given instructions on the proper way to cross the street.  The students were to raise their hands towards the incoming traffic.  The gesture is just an added safety precaution as you stand in front of cars.

And goodness knows, those South Korean drivers are a little on the reckless side. Traffic lights and stop signs are only suggestions in the land of Kimchi.

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