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Teacher field trip in South Korea:

15 May

During the Spring months at ELC in Ulsan, South Korea, our manager Moon and James Park planned fun activities for the teachers. The teachers played games and we won silly prizes. The Korean dishes were always very delicious!  We ate a spicy duck dish during this outing.  It was a great way to let off some energy while bonding with the other teachers.  A big plus was experiencing the beautiful countryside of South Korea.

Check us out!

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{insert: theme song for “The Twilight Zone”}

26 Apr

A hop, skip and a jump from Ulsan, South Korea is Gyeongju.  This historical city has a mysterious vibe similar to entering a sacred portal to the unknown. Spooky, yet friendly to visitors.  One of the stops in Gyeuongju is Bulguksa temple.  This landmark  is classified as Historic and Scenic Site No. 1 by the South Korean government.

Today’s on-the-wall statement:  “Those Koreans, they revere technology, especially to modify nature.”

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Planes, trains and automobiles: the SEOUL of transportation.

11 Apr

Living in South Korea for 3.5 years, I visited many places by train, bus and plane.  The transportation system is elegantly designed to move lots of people FAST.  The bullet train went 300kph!  The buses were on time, every time and surprisingly comfortable. If you’ve ever flown Korean Airlines, then you know how lush the flights are.

Seoul, South Korea.

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Paradise island: Jeju-do

27 Mar

Living and traveling all over this planet for the past five years has defnitely changed me.  I managed to go from one town in South Korea, to another not knowing too much about the place or the language.  Freedom and guts and just go anywhere.

By far the most beautiful place in South Korea is Jeju Island.  You can take a ferry there from Wando or Yeosu.  Or, fly from most larger cities.  My adventures took me to Jeju island three times.

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A long way from home…

22 Mar

But oh, so happy to be with the beautiful children of Gwangju, South Korea.  Here are some photos.  Enjoy!


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