It’s the little things that count.

20 Mar

Most Chinese students know who Santa Claus is because they are introduced to Christmas in kindergarten.  Also, the malls, restaurants and schools all decorate for the holiday.  It’s such a magical time of year even in China.  Of course, I was missing my family around Christmas, but did all I could to recreate the specialness of Christmas there.  We watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, we put on Santa hats and played reindeer games.

This is the snowflake lesson.  We learned our shapes, how to make a paper snowflake and saw real snowflakes under a microscope.

As paper and scissors in hands and in motion, the “Snowflake waltz” song played in the background.  The smiles on the students faces were priceless.  We “oohhed”  and “aahhed” over everyone’s paper snowflakes.


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