“Let’s go shopping” lesson = Enthusiastic students

14 Mar

My 3rd graders in Suzhou, China were smily, happy and adoring students.  They were ever so sweet each day as I was greeted by ” How are you today?”, “I’m fine thank you and you?”.  Four or five students would gather around me and repeat their greeting to me.  Most times and places I walked, the students would turn and greet me with a “Hello, Wendi”.  I never tired of saying “Hello” back to them.  This lesson also had a game “What’s in the shopping bag?”.  Even the Chinese like a good day of shopping therapy.


One Response to ““Let’s go shopping” lesson = Enthusiastic students”

  1. Melanie Terry Kropik March 14, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    Wendi, This is wonderful. I had no idea you were over there teaching. I homeschooled both my sons. Love it !!

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